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What is Home Care?

Home Care encompasses a wide range of health care services provided in the patient’s home with the purpose of restoring and maintaining his or her maximal level of function, health, and comfort. Home care is a collaborative effort involving the patient, family, physician, and interdisciplinary home care team. It is a cost-effective alternative to extended hospitalization, lengthy rehabilitation, or nursing home stay. Patients are usually more comfortable in their own home and studies have shown that patients recover quicker at home.

Who would benefit from home care?

You or a family member may benefit from home care if you are:

  • Recovering from a recent illness, surgery, or hospitalization
  • Recently discharged from a nursing home but need additional care
  • In need of education regarding your health problem and how to manage your disease effectively
  • Terminally ill and wish to receive end of life care in your home
  • In need of assistance in order to live independently at home and to enhance the quality of life at home